Fostering innovation in film industry: KOSMA takes film budgeting to the next level


Since the introduction of the very first motion picture a little more than a century ago, the film and television industry continues to evolve when it comes to innovation. With the proliferation of computer-based discoveries, tech solutions, and digital platforms in the fields of filming and special effects, these innovations keep emerging and keep forcing the industry to reinvent itself with a faster and faster pace.

When we go and see a film in a cinema, read opinion articles by experts, or attend an industry event, we can’t help but notice that technology has driven innovation especially in shooting, editing, and distribution aspects. For example, a few years ago we couldn’t even imagine seeing autonomous drones in shooting or how our smartphones are turning into tools to make films with features like 360-degree view angle.

When it comes to handling film production finances, however, filmmakers are still operating with tools from digital stone-age.

Till now, there’s no efficient tool or software out there to handle film production finances. Production people are mainly working with Excel which is powerful and familiar, however, when you start to use it for critical business functions such as cost management of your project, you’ll quickly learn that all its advantages are washed away by the risks that come along with using it. Collaborative processes such as film budgeting tend to break down because spreadsheets are bad at keeping track of several hundreds of items and preventing errors when changes are made. Or in another case, it seems like today we need to acquire a separate tool for each process in the cost management. It’s not really comprehensive and productive if you have to switch between multiple platforms to do budgeting, financing, and cost tracking.

So, take a deep breath and consider this quick thought: making a film budget with software that allows doing all in one. You might be thinking, “Wait, you mean I don’t have to use spreadsheets again, or navigate between multiple platforms?” The answer is: “Yes, and we have a solution for this.”

KOSMA is a professional software to manage film production finances, specially designed for filmmakers that are looking to simplify their workflow and maximize their time. It’s four key modules - Budgeting, Financing, Cashflow and Cost Control - make your film production cost management more easy, precise and efficient. Just like it should be on the 21st century.


Unlike any other film budgeting software on the market, with KOSMA you can set up any kind of budget structure, work with multiple currencies, and collaborate with your co-producers in real-time. KOSMA is tailored specifically for filmmakers unique needs by understanding the information they use. Just take this example: you’re shooting in a location without internet but still need to modify some budget items. With KOSMA you can work offline, meaning that you can edit and view your projects wherever you are.

As more productions move towards cloud storage, utilizing a budgeting software means your project can become more collaborative and shareable. When production is complete, your budgeting software stays with you, delivering production reports you need to make your wrap package look sharp. So, leave the tools that steal your time behind and adopt software that will actually improve your workflow.

If you think that KOSMA meets your requirements, sign up for a free trial or ask for a live demo.

Welcome to the new era of budget management!

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